Ok divulging that I live in Glasgow purely to say FUCK RANGERS. And the police that let this happen, who treated the Kenmure St. humanitarians like a mob and are defos gonna up their game tenfold for the pro-Palestine protest on Sunday.

People certainly make Glasgow, but these are not our people. These are the bigots we must take on (peacefully).


(OG vid source:

@avyxo fuck... Never realized just how unionist/nationalist the fans are... Do Celtic go around with Saltires? I guess not

Not in anywhere close to the same way. Sometimes Irish flags as capes, but more recently they dressed Celtic Park in Palestinian ones! The political difference is stark. Rangers songs are prolifically and often violently anti-Catholic too, a la the "no more Catholics left" song in Trainspotting 2 :/
I've bartended in both teams' stadiums (random catering assignments) and only at Ibrox did I get drunk rants about immigrants

@avyxo damn. I went to a 'nondenominational' school nearish Paisley. It was predominantly Rangers supporting (there was also a smaller catholic the area) I remember boys refusing to eat peas in the primary school... Because they were green.

I only realized that the teams were a theatre for N.I./R.o.I conflict when flatting with borderland Irish boys at Uni

@avyxo I read 'Soil and Soul' a year or two ago, which made the argument that the Catholicism of the North was so syncretic, it's better thought of as Celtic-catholicism, and that protestant suppression is better thought of as internal colonisation...

A lot of trauma for some small islands, and OBS use history behind it.

Yeah man, in Larkhall they cage traffic lights and make all the Subway signs black. Crazy stuff

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